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Vessels Traffic Management Systems are installed in some of the busiest waters in the world are making valuable contribution to safer navigation, more efficient traffic flow, and protection of the environment. Traffic flow in busy approach routes, access channels, and harbors can be coordinated safely, in the best interest of port and its users. Incidents and emergency situations can be dealt with quickly .data from traffic movements can be stored and used as reference information for port administration, port authorities, coastguards and search and rescue services.


LMS is associated with a known and experienced supplier of VTMS who are involved in design, development, and installation and provide maintaince services for the VTMS intended for Ship Management Companies, Ship Owners, Ports and Oil Companies, thereby covering all Vessel Traffic Management and Surveillance aspects. We have a range of operational systems installed worldwide LMS is proud to be involved in installation, commissioning and maintaince of first of its kind of VTMS in India and the proud customer is Kolkata Port Trust, Kolkata. LMS is also responsible for the warranty and AMC of KOPT, VTMS.


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VTMS display features and facilities include: (click here for more)

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 VTMS systems can also be used in:


     Offshore Platforms


Offshore platforms can use VTMS comprising radars and operators displays which help in hazardous environment of offshore oil and gas exploration and production. 24 Hrs VTMS service has become an essential safety tool and cost effective facility for:


-Platform protection.

-Safety of loading/unloading, buoys, wellheads, pipelines

-Traffic advisory systems


Ports and coastal Traffic


VTMS can be installed at ports for maintaining coastal traffic and providing valuable service for their operators and customers as under:

       -          Traffic information and advisory systems.

       -          Traffic data for port information management system.

       -          Assistance to coastguard, search and rescue

       -          Smuggling, illegal immigration detection.

       -          Protection of artillery firing ranges

       -          Radar integration


Coastguard search and rescue


VTMS can also be installed for the use of coastguard for:

-   Search and Rescue

-   Terrorism, Smuggling, illegal immigration detection

-   Artillery firing ranges

-   Control of areas used for weapons testing

-   Radar integration

-   Location of small boats and life rafts.



VTMS systems operate 24 Hrs a day providing:


       -          Vessel traffic information and navigation advice.

       -          Monitoring of shipping lanes and separation schemes.

       -          Compliance with safety regulations.

       -          Protection of vessel carrying hazardous cargoes.

       -          Assistance to coast guard, and other authorities.

       -          Assistance to search and rescue.

       -          Improved port efficiency.




 VTMS display features and facilities include:


-  Daylight viewing of raw radar in color

-  Adjustable afterglow showing vessel movements

-  Automatic detection and tracking of all Radar targets.

-  Identity tagging/Vessel name

-  Speed/course vectors

-  Up dated and accurate chart overlays

-  Off-centering and zoom functions

-  Data from several radars on one display.



VTMS system capability has:


-512 Radars and AIS base stations

- 2000 targets per radar extractor

- 10,000 targets per multi sensor tracking system

- Unlimited local and remote operator workstations



VTMS system technology includes:


-Open architecture software

-Multimedia technology, WIN 2000

-Ethernet LAN/Wan with TCP/IP

-Client server structure

-COTS components except: Radar interfaces, PCI board

-Extensive zone alarm system

-VHF communication integrated on LAN

-CCTV integrated on LAN

-Operators display based S57 electronic charts

-Operatorís menus in windows environment

-Digital logging and replay of all traffic and system data

-On-line system support and diagnostics

-Full remote control facility



VTMS system consists of:


VTMS system is an integrated system for safety of ships in the sea. It consist one or more of the following depending upon requirement of the customer.



-Display software

-Automatic Identification System (AIS)

-Weather Station

-CCTV surveillance camera

-VHF communication system

-VTMS simulator software

-Display system

-RF communications

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