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Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)


Over the last few decades, engineers have developed submersible technologies capable of meeting the many challenges that the deep sea imposes upon explorers. Using advanced submersible technologies, remarkable new deep-water ecosystems have been discovered.  

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) as an underwater robot that allows the vehicle's operator to remain in a comfortable environment while the ROV performs the work underwater. An umbilical, or tether, carries power and command and control signals to the vehicle and the status and sensory data back to the operator’s topside. ROVs can vary in size from small vehicles fitted with one TV camera, which are used for simple observation, up to complex work systems that can have several dexterous manipulators, video cameras, mechanical tools and other equipment. They are generally free flying, but some are bottom-founded on tracks. Towed bodies, such as those used to deploy side scan sonar, are not considered ROVs. Lifting and rock dumping devices employing thrusters for lateral motion only are also not normally included in listings of ROV systems.


 The ROVs can be classified depending on type of the work in which ROV will be used. These are:



 Small (Electric) Vehicles.


High Capability Electric ROVs.


Work Class Vehicles


Heavy Work Class Vehicles


 LMS is associated with an foreign for the sale and services of ROVs in INDIA. The parent company is associated in specializing the design and manufacture of remote controlled systems for intervention in “hostile " environments. This field of activity includes three main sectors:



Sub sea (offshore oil & gas, defense, oceanography)




Pipes and sewers, boreholes and large bore pipe works (main ducts, galleries...)


 To that effect, LMS supplies a range of off-the-shelf products such as remote controlled vehicles, video systems, instrumented robots and remote controlled tools. LMS also helps in design and manufacture special systems on customer's specific requirement with the help of the parent company. Our activities rely on a high level of know-how in the field of electronics, computer science, optics, mechanics and hydraulics. Our activities rely on a high level of know-how in the field of electronics, computer science, optics, mechanics and hydraulics.


 Applications of ROVs:

  ·         TV systems for assistance to ultra deep drilling operations

        ·         Explosion Proof video monitoring systems for surface applications

        ·         Assistance and control of remotely controlled sub sea operations

        ·         Assistance to laying and installation of pipes and cables on the sea-bed

        ·         Inspection and maintenance of sub sea structures

        ·         Assistance and surveillance of sub sea works done by divers

        ·         Search, localization and recovery of submerged bodies

        ·         Observation, inspection and counting of fauna and flora

        ·        Oceanographic works

        ·         Geological observation, measurement and sampling 


Our ROVs for sub sea inspections and observations has depth up to 300 m which can be further designed for more depth depending on the customer requirement.



 4 brushless electric thrusters (Forward speed: 3 knots).


Vehicle equipment:


                Color (PAL or NTSC) zoom TV camera

                Two 75W lights mounted on Pan/Tilt unit

                Navigation low light TV camera

                Electric compass, depth gauge

                Optional: high resolution digital stills camera

                Navigation sonar


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