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Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS)

Since earliest times, humans have had to know precisely where they were at any given time in order to determine where they wanted to go. Early explorers relied on the stars for accurate assessment of their position. Today, a constellation of navigation satellites orbit our planet, providing us with real-time, highly accurate information about our position on land, sea, or air. This is known as Global Positioning System. Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) system uses the same principal to know the real time positioning with greater accuracy .DGPS uses a corrections from a reference station to increase the position accuracy of the desired.

 Today Differential Global Positioning system (DGPS) is the basic requirement for safe movement of the ships in the sea. It is used to know the real time positioning of the ships so that the traffic of ships in the sea can be monitored and controlled.

 LMS is having most trusted brand of DGPS receivers and reference stations available presently in the market with best prices suitable for the customers. The accuracy of the product varies with prices in order to satisfy the requirement of the customer.

 Our products include full flagged system with all the accessories to OEM boards which includes the GPS boards depending on the requirement of the customer. We also provide after sales support to the customer includes the installation, commissioning, training, warranty, AMC of the system. We also provide ON LINE service support to the customer considering the importance of the system.

 LMS is also involved in after sales service of the product. We have OEM trained engineers to look after the product. We have the annual maintaince contract with the customer after the warranty so that customer doesn’t have to look after the system. Our customers include various Government and non government organizations. (For more details please visit to the CUSTOMER DETAILS section).

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